About Me

I’m a Ph.D. candidate in sociology at the University of Toronto. I have studied food both in my masters degree in sociology and in a European masters in the history and culture of food in France, Italy and Spain. I have also worked in food communications and taste education for Slow Food (Italy, France) and Voir Communications (Ottawa-Gatineau), among others. My research focuses on the cultural, identity and consumption elements of food practices from a comparative perspective (North America and Europe). My dissertation looks at the ways in which terroir functions in the wine sector in France and Canada, and examines questions of value and cultural diffusion.


Photo credit: Sahira Sepp, 2015


Seeking Wine Enthusiasts in the GTA to Interview!

Are you a Toronto wine enthusiast who has sought to deepen your knowledge of wine? Do you love talking about your passion for wine? If so, I’d like to speak with you! As part of my dissertation project, I am researching wine education in Ontario and looking at the role it plays in the wine drinking culture in Ontario. I am seeking interview participants who’ve sought to deepen their knowledge of wine (through books, wine workshops/courses, winery tours, etc) so that I can better understand why people are drawn to wine and why they might seek to pursue that interest in a deeper manner. By speaking with wine lovers like you, I hope to further understand what draws consumers to engage with learning about wine, as well as how they view their knowledge about wine. If you would like to participate, I would be happy to arrange an interview at a date, time and location that are convenient for you. Please email Sarah Cappeliez at sarah.cappeliez@mail.utoronto.ca to set up an interview, or if you have any questions about the study. **This research has received ethics approval from the University of Toronto.