Research & Writing

Peer-reviewed articles

Cappeliez, Sarah. 2017. “How well does terroir travel? Illuminating cultural translation using a comparative case study of wine.” Poetics 65: 24–36.

Rodney, Alexandra, Cappeliez, Sarah, Johnston, Josée and Oleschuk, Merin (co-authored). 2017. “The Online Domestic Goddess: An Investigation of Food Blog Femininities.” Food, Culture & Society 20(4): 685-707.

Cappeliez, Sarah and Josée Johnston. October 2013 . “From meat and potatoes to “real-deal” rotis: Exploring everyday culinary cosmopolitanism.” Poetics 41(5): 433-455.

Peer-reviewed book chapters

Johnston, Josée and Sarah Cappeliez. 2017. “You Are What You Eat: Enjoying (and Transforming) Food Culture.” Critical Perspectives in Food Studies (2nd edition). Koc, Mustafa, Sumner, Jennifer, Winson, Anthony (eds). Oxford University Press.

Johnston, Josée and Sarah Cappeliez. 2015. “Cosmopolitan Eating.” In Acquired Tastes : Why Families Eat the Way They Do, Beagan, Brenda L., Chapman, Gwen E., Johnston, Josée, McPhail, Power, Elaine M., Vallianatos, Helen. (eds). Vancouver: UBC Press. Chapter 3.

Book reviews

Cappeliez, Sarah. 2013. Review of Adventures in Eating: Anthropological Experiences in Dining from Around the World by H. R. Haines and C. A. Sammells (eds.), Menu: Journal of Food and Hospitality Research (2013), Vol 2 , 49-52.

Cappeliez, Sarah. 2013. Review of Food Culture in Belgium by P. Scholliers, Food, Culture and Society 16(1), 171-173.

Cappeliez, Sarah. 2012. Review of Cooking in Other Women’s Kitchens: Domestic Workers in the South, 1965-1960 by R. Sharpless, Oral History Forum d’histoire orale 33 (2012) “Working Lives: Special Issue on Oral History and Working Class History”.

Manuscripts in progress

 “Wine nerds and pleasure-seekers: Understanding wine taste formation and practice.” Manuscript in preparation.

“Classifying wine consumers: Towards a typology of expertise/connoisseurship.” Manuscript in preparation.


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