Research & Writing

Peer-reviewed articles

Cappeliez, Sarah. 2017. “How well does terroir travel? Illuminating cultural translation using a comparative case study of wine.” Poetics 65: 24–36.

Rodney, Alexandra, Cappeliez, Sarah, Johnston, Josée and Oleschuk, Merin (co-authored). 2017. “The Online Domestic Goddess: An Investigation of Food Blog Femininities.” Food, Culture & Society 20(4): 685-707.

Cappeliez, Sarah and Josée Johnston. October 2013 . “From meat and potatoes to “real-deal” rotis: Exploring everyday culinary cosmopolitanism.” Poetics 41(5): 433-455.

Peer-reviewed book chapters

Johnston, Josée and Sarah Cappeliez. 2017. “You Are What You Eat: Enjoying (and Transforming) Food Culture.” Critical Perspectives in Food Studies (2nd edition). Koc, Mustafa, Sumner, Jennifer, Winson, Anthony (eds). Oxford University Press. [1stedition published in 2012]

Johnston, Josée and Sarah Cappeliez. 2015. “Cosmopolitan Eating.” In Acquired Tastes : Why Families Eat the Way They Do, Beagan, Brenda L., Chapman, Gwen E., Johnston, Josée, McPhail, Power, Elaine M., Vallianatos, Helen. (eds). Vancouver: UBC Press. Chapter 3.

Book reviews

Cappeliez, Sarah. 2013. Review of Adventures in Eating: Anthropological Experiences in Dining from Around the World by H. R. Haines and C. A. Sammells (eds.), Menu: Journal of Food and Hospitality Research (2013), Vol 2 , 49-52.

Cappeliez, Sarah. 2013. Review of Food Culture in Belgium by P. Scholliers, Food, Culture and Society 16(1), 171-173.

Cappeliez, Sarah. 2012. Review of Cooking in Other Women’s Kitchens: Domestic Workers in the South, 1965-1960 by R. Sharpless, Oral History Forum d’histoire orale 33 (2012) “Working Lives: Special Issue on Oral History and Working Class History”.

Manuscripts in progress

 “Wine nerds and pleasure-seekers: Understanding wine taste formation and practice.” Manuscript in preparation.

“Classifying wine consumers: Towards a typology of expertise/connoisseurship.” Manuscript in preparation.

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